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Testimonials & Videos

Testimonials & Videos

  • Rated 3.9 out of 4 by US Army (August 2013)
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 by tactical operators (read report)
  • FEMA Preparedness Grants and Authorized Equipment List


User Testimonials

"Our team has recently had the opportunity to test and evaluate the Threat 4 unit and units by several other known manufactures of headsets that offer communication capabilities with hearing protection. I can say that hands down, none of the other units come close to this 1 in comfort. Several times I almost forgot that I was wearing it. When worn with a helmet, the differences are even more obvious. No pressure on the ears. No headaches from wearing it for long periods of time...No comparison. Sound quality and ease of use was remarkable. Our order has been placed."

Thomas from Riviera Beach
FL United States

"I have used the headset several times now and just wanted to send you a quick update. So far I have had zero issues and am impressed with the unit as a whole. The sound quality is outstanding and ear buds are comfortable even worn for an extended period of time. I have used the headset both operationally and in a training environment with no issues.
The one feature I'm most impressed with is the directional hearing which is a problem with the Peltors. No real issues with comfort but I would be interested in trying the helmet mounted version of the unit.
The Wireless PTT is a huge plus. I mounted it on my weapon and because of it was able to communicate while maintaining a good shooting platform. Overall, very impressive headset."

Daniel Rego
NEMLEC Swat Team

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