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Technological Advantages

Technological Advantages


Since hearing protection is not always required, the TALON can be field converted to a non-hearing protection radio communication headset which allows the ears to be naturally open. This is achieved by removing the hearing protection earplugs and affixing the open ear inserts and putting the TALON into mode 2 which allows radio receive to be heard as well as environmental/ambient noise to be heard naturally. The TALON is then easily converted back to a hearing protection headset with talk-through by affixing the 32db-39db NRS earplugs.


The TALON has four (4) talk-through microphones, two (2) on each side of the head. This allows for true 360° situational awareness. More importantly a four (4) mic system coupled with Threat4™'s specialized algorithms, developed by audiologists over a two (2) year infield testing period, provides a quantum leap in the ability to discern where a sound comes from (Sound Localization). The TALON sound localization and situational awareness system provides a near-human ear hearing experience.


Threat4 TALON uses a noise canceling boom microphone, available in either Dynamic or Electret format. When worn close to the lips the boom microphone will cancel background noises on transmit and will pick up whispers without the need for a whisper mode typically found in other in-ear solutions. Boom microphones afford the clearest communications in all environments, and in military Dynamic mic applications, radio transmit will always work even if the headset electronics fail or lose power. The boom mic also has a gas mask option.


To allow out-of-box use, Threat4 has three (3) factory programmed modes and bionic hearing.

Mode 1 Human hearing is naturally restored with the ability to increase bionic hearing in increments 0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9dB and +12dB. Designed to work as unprotected ears do and sound natural, with noises that are close sounding close and noises that are far sounding further. Typical in-ear systems make all the noises virtually the same volume. This is called audio compression, where typical in-ear headsets attempt to lessen the decibel difference between loud and quiet noises, effectively making all the noises you hear sound the same. This makes face to face interactions difficult when there is background noise similar to speaking to someone who is on a cellular phone in a loud environment.

Mode 2 Situational awareness muted, effectively providing radio and passive earplugs only. Designed for environments that radio and hearing protection is required but face to face interaction is not, such as HALO/HAHO jumps or rotary vehicle deployment.

Mode 3 Adaptive Noise Reduction with the ability to increase bionic hearing in increments 0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9dB and +12dB. This mode removes up to -12dB of constant background noise across the entire spectrum. Unlike typical ANR which only works between 20Hz and 500 Hz, Adaptive Noise Reduction works between 20- 16,000Hz while maintaining the ability to hear human voices. Designed for use in loud environments where face to face interaction is required such as in Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) or engine rooms.

These modes can be factory altered with in-house engineering on the fly and other modes are available. Up to 4 modes are allowed in total.