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Threat4™ TALON Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset Overview

The Threat4™ TALON (formerly 62000 series) is an in-ear Tactical Headset with Boom Mic, Hearing Protection (32dB-39dB Certified NRS) + Talk-through for Military & SWAT Applications. Terminated with a quick disconnect connector, requires a single radio or multi-radio PTT to work. Submersible (2 meters 4 hours). Made in North-America (certificate available below)

Threat4 TALON Tactical Military spec headset

Provides superior comfort (no hot spots), superior situational awareness/sound localization due to hearing aid-style algorithms which closely reproduce the way human ears work. Provides industry best audio quality and radio intelligibility due to its premium Knowles™ acoustical components. Built like a tank, and is able to withstand being run-over by a Hummer truck.

Thousands Fielded to Marines, US Army Special Forces, Canadian Special Forces, US Air Force and SWAT teams worldwide.

Certified by the United States Air Force (USAF) for helicopter and rotary aircraft Intercom Communication System (ICS) use - call us for field evaluation report.

  • Rated 3.9 out of 4 by the US Army (August 2013, AEWE Spiral H)
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 by tactical operators (NTOA)
  • FEMA Preparedness Grants and Authorized Equipment List


  • Impulse & Continuous Noise Protection (Passive + Active). Headset is also field convertible to non-hearing protection radio headset to be used when hearing protection is not required.
  • Bionic Hearing (+0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9sB, +12dB)
  • 3 Modes: Natural Ears (w/Bionic), Active Listening Muted, and Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Noise Cancelling Boom Mic (Left or Right Mount Versions. Dynamic or Electret Mics Available)
  • Submersible IP68 - Dust-tight + 4 hours @ 3 meters submersion (5% salt water)
  • No Programming, No Software & No Training
  • Multiple ear tip options, including open ear inserts to allow the headset to be used as a non-hearing protection headset
  • Compatible with Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Necks, Balaclava and Gas Masks
  • Compatible with up to three (3) radios/intercoms (ICS)
  • Low Power Draw (3mAh average) - No Batteries Required (Draws Radio Power Parasitically)
  • Completely Removable Earpiece Assembly (Tube & Eartip) for Easy Replacement and Hygienic Headset Sharing