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Military Grade Comply™ Canal Tips


Military Grade Comply™ Canal Tips

Product Description

Military-grade Comply™ Canal Tips are engineered to deliver maximum noise reduction for mission-critical communication. Extremely soft viscoelastic Comply™ foam conforms to the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and retain the device in the ear. Ideal for lightweight communication systems, Comply™ Canal Tips are the industry standard for communication in high-noise environments.
(1 unit = 1 Pair)

Comply™ Canal Tips Special Features:

    Maximum Noise Reduction: High-quality communication is funneled directly into the ear canal while providing an optimal seal for all high-noise applications. Comply™ Canal Tips offer the highest level of noise isolation with average NRR above 29dB. Actual NRR depends on communication device design and requires certified testing.

    All Day Comfort: Made from unique breathable memory foam, Comply™ Canal Tips are activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue.

    Stay-In-Ear Fit: The length and tapered design of the Comply™ Canal Tip allows for easy insertion and stability in the ear canal, providing maximum noise reduction and in-ear retention.

    Flexible Threaded Core: Special tapered core is designed for deeper insertion into the ear canal. Elastomeric cores have a molded-in screw thread for secure attachment to the communication device and soft durometer for comfort.
    (1 unit = 1 Pair)
    • Colors: Peach
    • Height:
      ▫ Small: 14.60 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.575" ± 0.030")
      ▫ Medium: 15.50 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.610" ± 0.030")
      ▫ Large: 15.50 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.610" ± 0.030")
    • Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device):
      ▫ Small: 10.90 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.430" ± 0.030")
      ▫ Medium: 12.70 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.500" ± 0.030")
      ▫ Large: 14.20 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.560" ± 0.030")
    • Core: Inside of core has special female thread
    • Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant)

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