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**NEW**Heavy Duty Single Speaker Behind-the-head headset


**NEW**Heavy Duty Single Speaker Behind-the-head headset

Product Description

Heavy Duty Single Speaker Behind-the-head headset with Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Kevlar™ Reinforced Cabling and Premium Knowles™ Acoustical Components

Behind-head-headset. Enables cheek-to-stock weld, compatible with protective armor and most ballistic helmets (ACH, MICH, Ops-Core).

Single speaker outside the ear provides clear audio without in-ear contact. Noise cancelling boom mic.

Compare to OTTO Ranger (V4-NR2) starting at $306.48


  • Lightweight, comfortable headband
  • Kevlar coil cable
  • In-line PTT with swivel clip
  • Adjustable goose neck boom mic with foam wind sock
  • Can be worn w/hats & helmets
  • Includes Finger Push-to-talk with straight jac
  • Unmatched 3 Year Warranty

Please choose your connector type:

HYT2 - HYT/HYTERA M2 - Motorola
HYT3 - HYT/HYTERA M5 - Motorola
HYT5 - HYT/HYTERA M7 - 6-Pin Quick Disconnect
Requires Adapter
I3 - Icom M11 - Motorola
I7 - Icom M17 - Motorola
K1 - Kenwood MC3 - M/A Com
K2 - Kenwood VY1A - Vertex
M1 - Motorola

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Part Number:  HDBH-2 

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