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Dual Radio Press-to-Talk (PTT)


Dual Radio Press-to-Talk (PTT)

Product Description


  • Two Radio Version with Intercom/ICS input (3 position toggle) or USB input
  • Automatically Switches Back and Forth from Stereo to Binaural when more than One Radio Connected/Disconnected
  • Smart Power Management, Charges Batteries and Powers Headsets from Most Powerful Radio at any Given Time and/or Batteries
  • Built in Rechargeable Batteries Powers Headsets (2400mAh) when no Radio Power (Alkalines can be used). Recharges through Radio Cable when Connected to Radio with Power or Through Optional Power Pack
  • Body Mounts with 360 Swivel Clip. Optional Strap for Molle Weave
  • Waterproof and Dustproof (IP68, submersible to a minimum of 3m for 30mins in 5% salt water)
  • No Radio Audio Bleed-over Between Radios
  • Wireless PTT with Picatinny Rail Mount or Velcro (915mHz)
  • Comes Standard with Quick Disconnect Headset Connection (Hardwired also Available)
  • Can connect direct to intercom (ICS)bail-out cord
  • Input Power: Rated 0.5W Max 1W
  • Ruggedness: 0.5W, 48hrs
  • Compatible with any Headset, Including Threat4s TALON Series In-ear Digital Headset
  • Available with VOX (Voice Activated)
  • Available with Quick Disconnect Radio Cables
  • All PTT Connectors are Waterproof Mated or Un-mated
  • Accepts and can Convert Electret and Dynamic Mics for use on any Radio
  • PRC152 Volume Control & Primary/Secondary Channel Select Cable Available
  • Connects to all Commercial and Military Radios, including side-mount PRC148 and PRC152



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Part Number:  DPTT-QD-NW 

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